My Wife Wants You_(0)

It was about a week after my wife had left me. He said, “My wife wants you to fuck her brains out. I’m cool with it so feel free to help me wear her out. Maybe with the two of us fucking her she will finally get enough.”

Stunned, I asked, “Are you serious? Trish is a knock out.”

He smiled and said, “I know! I’m married to her and I want her to be happy. Apparently fucking you will make her happy.”

I did not have to think about it at all, I said, “Okay!”

He asked, “So when can you start?”

I said, “Send her over. I’ll take her away for the weekend and give her back to you on Monday morning.”

Surprised he said, “You want her all weekend?”

I said, “Yup! Might as well break her in right.”

I could see the look on his face thinking, “What to hell have I just gotten myself into?”

Since he had made the offer and I had accepted it, all he could do was say, “Okay, what should I tell her to pack?”

I smiled and said, “Nothing. In fact tell her to put on a short dress and not to wear any underwear at all.”

He made a snappy comeback, “Are shoes alright?”

Just to piss him off a little I said, “No shoes…and now…she won’t need the dress either. She might as well start out naked because that is the way she will be for the next sixty hours.”

He did not say another word.

Five minutes later there was a knock on my backdoor. Trish was standing there completely naked and barefoot too boot. Her hands were behind her back, her chin was up, and her shoulders were back.

The picture really caught her off guard. She had not expected me to photograph her.

Trish asked, “What are you going to do with that picture?”

I said, “This one and the next nine hundred and ninety-nine will join my wife’s nude pictures in my private collection.”

Trish said, “Emma told me about your collection. You would try to take a thousand nude pictures of her every month.”

I laughed and said, “Try hell, I succeeded every damn month for the past four years and two months that we have been married.”

Trish gave it a moment’s thought and said, “Fifty thousand nude pictures!”

I just nodded my head and let her come inside.

I led her right into my garage and into my car. A minute later I was on the street and my garage door was closing. I told her to sit up straight and to be proud of her small firm breasts.

In the next hour of driving, two of the big tractor-trailers that I had passed had honked their approval of her naked body. It had embarrassed the hell out of her but I knew that she secretly enjoyed it.

When I pulled off the highway she got edgy. When I turned into a dirt road she calmed down. Then she saw the sign. I had driven up to the gate of a nudist camp. I called the phone number on the sign and the gate opened. At the office where I needed to check in, I just took Trish out of the car and held her hand as I went in. I rented a cabin for the week. Trish reminded me about Monday morning and the sixty hours. I told her that I had lied and that I was keeping her for a full week plus both weekends.

Ten days was better than just two and a half days in any man’s book.

After I parked my car behind my cabin I got undressed. Then I took Trish and my camera out to the far end of the swimming pool. There was one other woman there along with seven guys taking pictures of her.

Trish seemed shy at first but really got into it with eight of us guys taking her picture and stroking our hard cocks in front of her. The other woman really got into Trish. The men and I loved having two women posing for us. Trish didn’t even object when the woman kissed her and felt of her breasts. She got self-conscious though when the other woman shoved two fingers up into her pussy. However, the extra excitement caused her to orgasm almost immediately. That excited all of us guys but when Trish started to eat the other woman’s pussy we could hardly control ourselves.

Well, truthfully, I couldn’t control myself. When her face settled into that pussy I shoved my hard cock right straight into her. Trish only looked around to see who was fucking her. It really didn’t mater because we were all going to fuck her…and…I think she knew it.

My cock slammed into her fast and furiously until I unloaded a torrent of cum into her. One guy took my place and Trish never turned around, she just kept tongue fucking that woman in front of her. One by one the men fucked Trish while the rest of us took pictures of her getting fucked.

I was in heaven…my wife would not have posed for the other men…only for me. And she certainly would not have let them fuck her. Trish took on all eight of us…not once…but twice each. After round one she got on her back and let us fuck her properly. When two other guys joined us she said, “Welcome! Cum in! Spend a while.”

So day after day all week long Trish and I spent our time in the photo area. Women came and women went but Trish stayed. Some let her kiss them, others let her feel them up. Usually one or two a day would join her in a sixty-nine. However, every day Trish’s pussy was open for any man that wanted it.

I averaged a thousand pictures a day.

When we checked out on that last Sunday the owners offered us a free week anytime that we wanted one. He said that he had had many compliments on Trish and that they had promised to come back to see Trish again. The owner’s wife was the woman from that very first day.

All the way home Trish talked about the terrific time that she had had. She thanked me a hundred times for bringing out her inner whore. All I knew was that she would have made me one fantastic wife. She was a born exhibitionist and she really liked to get fucked. She made my prude wife look even worse.

I could not wait a moment longer…I started divorce proceedings that very Monday.

When Trish’s husband asked where she had gone and what she had done…she told him…then she asked him for a divorce.

Trish moved right in with me that night. The next day she had a job as a stripper at the best club in town. She gave lap dances, blowjobs, and she even turned tricks. She made a lot of money with her exhibitionism and her love of nudity.

I had definitely turned her onto her inner whore and we both liked what we found.

Sex with Trish just kept getting better and better as time went on. Our divorces came through and we got married.

I’m telling you that it never ever got boring.

The End
My Wife Wants You

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My Wife Wants You_(0)